League of Legends 8.24

A free to play MOBA where two teams of five duke it out against each other

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League of Legends 8.24
League of Legends 5.12

League of Legends is an online multiplayer video game that pits one group of five players against another in a battle arena setting. The object is to destroy the enemy's base before the other team destroys your own base. It combines elements of role-playing games with real-time strategy games, and the result is action-packed and quick-paced. The game is free to play, and it's surprisingly deep considering the cost.

Other games in this multiplayer online battle arena format, or MOBA, have attempted to keep up with League of Legends, but the game has breached over 40 million players every month, which puts it in benchmark status without a doubt.

The most-played game type in League of Legends is hands down the 5v5 base control mode. This game type includes a single round that lasts for about 40 minutes, and you can't leave the game without it counting as a loss.

One of the most unique features of League of Legends is that it's fairly accessible to new players. This is difficult for this game type that often requires direct in-game experience to know how to react in different scenarios. To combat this problem, League of Legends uses a complex AI system for training, and the matchmaking system ensures players of similar skill are matched against each other.

Communication is a key factor in League of Legends, which makes it one area where teams usually lose a step. Of course, with the high-tension feel of the game, some players lose the ability to efficiently communicate and instead become annoyed or frustrated. It's not uncommon to see people yelling at each other through the text chat system.

One system that feels like a huge flaw in the game is the Rune system. In short, this system allows the player to purchase add-ons for their character that increase strength and other stats. This is all well and good for those who don't mind paying a bit more, but the problem lies with the fact that these super-characters are permitted in the free-to-play matchmaking.

Another slight issue with the game, depending on your point of view, is that it was initially released in 2009 and has yet to see any major graphical update. Character designs and background scenery are also improving, but there are some glaringly obvious disappointments. However, the game is generally pleasant to watch or play from a merely aesthetic standpoint.

It's hard to deny League of Legends the designation of being a classic game. The game perfectly balances role-playing with strategy and action, so each experience is different while maintaining a core of consistency. The content within the game is updated with fair regularity, and while it remains free, you could easily get drawn into spending a lot of your hard-earned real-world currency on the Rune system.


  • Detailed, Engaging Content
  • Beginner's Training
  • Updates Frequently


  • Unpredictable Online Player Behavior
  • Microtransaction 'Rune' System

League of Legends is a multi-player game that combines both role playing and strategy. A gamer faces foes in various battlefields and arenas. League of Legends is a product of Riot Games.


  • A high mark of League of Legends is the fact that it presents a variety of different battle fields and arenas. These different options enhance the excitement associated with the game. Moreover, the variations provide a gamer with enough different battles to keep his or her interest for an extended period. A gamer has the ability to customize to some degree the type of battles he or she would like to face when playing League of Legends.
  • The graphics of League of Legends represent what many people consider another strong element of the game. They are well crafted and vibrant. Moreover, the video element of League of Legends flows smoothly and is nearly always glitch free. As a aside, the audio elements of the game also garner good marks from experienced players as well.
  • The manner in which a gamer can interact with fellow players during a particular battle marks another positive element of the game. Through this interaction, players on the same "team" can plot and plan strategy and maneuvers effectively. As an aside, players playing League of Legends has the ability to personally select their allies. Unlike many other battle type games, a players allies are not selected at random by some sort of computer algorithm.
  • Another plus of the game is that a player is able to highly customize his or her avatar. Gamers commonly give the customization elements associated with League of Legends high marks.


  • One potential drawback to League of Legends is found in the fact that overall it does not really meet the needs of a truly novice player. A notable number of gamers contend that there really is not a suitable entry level for a person unfamiliar with battle field type games.
  • Although the graphics are vibrant and attractive generally speaking, some long-term gamers take the position that they nevertheless are a bit dated.

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