League of Legends 9.15.2014

Riot Games' online multi player arena battle game

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League of Legends is a multi-player game that combines both role playing and strategy. A gamer faces foes in various battlefields and arenas. League of Legends is a product of Riot Games.


  • A high mark of League of Legends is the fact that it presents a variety of different battle fields and arenas. These different options enhance the excitement associated with the game. Moreover, the variations provide a gamer with enough different battles to keep his or her interest for an extended period. A gamer has the ability to customize to some degree the type of battles he or she would like to face when playing League of Legends.
  • The graphics of League of Legends represent what many people consider another strong element of the game. They are well crafted and vibrant. Moreover, the video element of League of Legends flows smoothly and is nearly always glitch free. As a aside, the audio elements of the game also garner good marks from experienced players as well.
  • The manner in which a gamer can interact with fellow players during a particular battle marks another positive element of the game. Through this interaction, players on the same "team" can plot and plan strategy and maneuvers effectively. As an aside, players playing League of Legends has the ability to personally select their allies. Unlike many other battle type games, a players allies are not selected at random by some sort of computer algorithm.
  • Another plus of the game is that a player is able to highly customize his or her avatar. Gamers commonly give the customization elements associated with League of Legends high marks.


  • One potential drawback to League of Legends is found in the fact that overall it does not really meet the needs of a truly novice player. A notable number of gamers contend that there really is not a suitable entry level for a person unfamiliar with battle field type games.
  • Although the graphics are vibrant and attractive generally speaking, some long-term gamers take the position that they nevertheless are a bit dated.

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